The team at Ebony by Agora spend many an hour explaining the benefits of working with ebony wood, and working with a sustainable strain, as those sourced by Ebony by Agora.

We also spend hours giving advice, consulting with owners and architects, and leading people in the perfect use of their ebony wood. The reason we need to consult and advise is simple, ebony wood is special, but it is also very dark, and this must be taken into consideration when fitting out a renovation or new property with its beautiful rich colours.

A big benefit of using ebony wood for flooring is its durability, and this ability to withstand a few knocks, makes it a good choice when you want to go dark.

But going dark with your flooring and finishes will require a lot of light, and contrast with whites and beiges.

When shopping around for ebony wood flooring, it’s essential to consider lighting because, needless to say, a flooring option that is as dark can cause a room to look dark, and your interiors can disappear in the background.

What you need is a room that is awash with natural light, this can be achieved by incorporating large windows and external light, or by fitting artificial light that highlights the stripes of the ebony wood, and show off the room’s lines and size.

Your design options when working with a dark ebony wood, is to keep to one or two colours. This monochromatic look will create a very upmarket look, and will work well with ebony furniture and finishes.

Alternatively, you can go bold with colours, and bring in vibrant pinks, orange, yellow or even greens. This will not only soften the blow of the ebony wood, but also create excitement in your home.

If you wish to fit out your home with ebony wood, then come and speak to the experts at Ebony by Agora. We know our ebony wood, and we share a passion for the sustainability of the wood.