Wooden furniture exudes a charm all of their own. They add warmth, class and a sense of organic beauty to any room. The texture, lustre, colour and grain of wood make for beautiful display pieces. And, of course, wooden furniture and decorative items, if cared for properly, age gracefully and beautifully, and can become heirloom pieces passed down through generations.

At Agora Timbers, we understand the charm, vitality and essence of wood. And we love Ebony Wood. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Ebony Wood is surrounded by a mythology that is all its own. Hundreds of years ago, it was considered an effective way to ward off evil spirits, and people would carry small, carved totems with them to do so. Drinking glasses were even carved from Ebony wood to protect the user from being poisoned.
  • It was used for creating fine cabinets for the luxury goods trade at the end of the 16th century – some of these cabinets were decorated with intricate carvings. African craftsmen also created beautiful, intricate figurines from the wood, popular in the tourist trade.
  • It is a rare and expensive wood. Ebony Wood is endangered due to deforestation and unsustainable harvesting practices. It is a protected tree, and its use is closely monitored. Here at Agora Timbers we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, ethically sourced Ebony wood to craftsmen.
  • It is beautiful: its dark, rich colour, density, fine texture and smooth finish when polished really makes it stand out as the go-to wood for ornamental carving. We have a large variety of pattern, grain and striping in our Ebony wood products.
  • It makes for beautiful music. Ebony Wood is used in the manufacture of fretboards and decoration on guitars, violins and dulcimers and in the creation of bagpipes and black piano keys, among other items. It is a hard, durable wood that adds value to tone and sound. Some musicians talk about loving the “feel and speed” of an Ebony fretboard.
  • Ebony is most used for decorative items, such as chess pieces, figurines or knife handles. It’s also popular in the creation of religious items, such as crucifixes.
  • Furniture and items made from Ebony Wood lasts. Our fast-paced lives and the impact of consumerism make it easy and convenient to buy disposable furniture according to trends. In one year, out the next, we simply discard items we don’t care for anymore. But if you own a piece made from Ebony and take care of it, it will last you through generations.
  • Working with Ebony is the mark of a master craftsman. This wood is extremely hard and dense, and sharp, specialised tools must be used to work with it properly. Historically, Ebony Wood was available only to master craftsmen because of the nature and expense of the material.

If you love wood, your soul will find a home at Agora Timbers. Our collection of Ebony Wood is sure to delight. Come visit us, or give our team a call for more information.