When the Ebony by Agora  ebony wood suppliers talk about making planes, they are not comparing talents with the building skills of the Wright Brothers, but rather referring to a plane of a different kind. As ebony wood suppliers, wood that is not ideally suited to the building of flying planes, we are of course talking about the woodworking planes. An item where ebony wood really is perfectly suited for…

Most cabinet makers, wood workers and amateur handymen have at some stage constructed their own plane from wood, even it was only at school; and they will know that choosing the right wood is vital for the plane’s effectiveness and durability. And the right wood is almost always ebony wood.

Planes are precision tools, and don’t leave too much room for error, so we advise that you start by finding the right piece of wood, then focus on perfection, the more you create the plane to plan, the more likely it will be that you’ll end up with a plane that is both good looking and effective.

You want a piece of ebony wood that is hard and heavy, you want all the parts ready when you start, the bed needs to be perfectly flat, and you will walk away with a plane that is made to fit your hands. No metal version can ever offer that level of comfort.

Another benefit from using ebony wood sourced by Ebony by Agora, is that our ebony wood will create a plane that is beautiful, stylish and featuring amazing lines and patterns. Your plane will become a functional piece of art, a plane that is valuable and a perfection tool.

For inspiration in building high end ebony wood planes, have a look at H.N.T. Gordon & Company’s collection of quality hand crafted tools. Terry Gordon is a regular user of Ebony by Agora’s ebony wood, and he swears by the quality and looks.

If you need to order ebony wood, whether for small projects or big ones, then do not hesitate to contact the team at Ebony by Agora, and we’ll get the right ebony wood for you.