There was once a time not too long ago where you and I could buy wood without having to worry about where it came from, how it was procured and what impact the harvesting had on the environment.

But today with the global population hitting the 7.5 billion mark this year, sustainability has become a lot more than a buzz word, it is now essential for our survival, and it goes beyond the sourcing of wood. We need to worry about the sustainability of food, energy and all resources we consume on a daily basis.

Today there are also a lot more rules and regulations we need to live by, and when it comes to sourcing wood, it is no different, we need to source wood that is sustainable, ethically harvested and preferably it should be farmed.

What is sustainable wood?

The idea of man made sustainable forests or plantations are nothing new, and they’ve been around for hundreds of years, but it is only with recent extinctions of key wood sources that we’ve seen regulations and protection orders come into play.

Sustainable wood is wood that is sourced from forests that can be regrown, forests that protect the local eco-system, encourages wildlife to live in harmony with the forest, and the taking of a long term view, rather than just a use and abuse of the resource in question.

At Ebony by Agora, we only use ethically sourced Ebony Wood that comes from sustainable forests, and our ebony wood, known botanically as “Diospyros ferrea (Willd.)”, occurs as jet black in smaller sizes, and features the most amazing stripes of any ebony wood currently available.

Why you should buy sustainable wood?

Deforestation around the world is creating a crisis for local communities, the wildlife and for the timber industry. Local people are exploited, and with just 8% of the world’s natural forests properly protected, the market for illegal wood continues.

The timber industry is alive and well, and demand is as high as it has ever been, highlighting the urgency that buyers by wood from reputable suppliers. Ebony by Agora only provides sustainable ebony wood, and we can guide you on your ebony wood purchases.

We need to think of the future, the legacy we leave behind for our children, and we should live a life where we can still enjoy beautiful things like ebony wood furniture, but we must do so with a clear conscience.

Ebony by Agora started operations in 1991, and specialises in providing sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods. We understand the wood and its characteristics well, and can advise you on how to make the most from your ebony wood.

Ebony by Agora, we care about the environment, and we care about the sustainable future of ebony wood.