Ebony wood is one of the most beautiful and versatile woods on the planet. From flooring to furniture to tools to ornaments to even musical instruments, ebony wood has been instrumental (If you’ll pardon the pun) in so many areas of human life. Without ebony wood the world would look extremely different. Ebony by Agora is a leading supplier of ebony wood, and can source the right type to suit your needs. So, let’s take the time to explore the many uses of this versatile and beautiful wood.


Ebony wood offers a unique alternative for flooring in the world of interior design, it’s dense swallowing darkness gives any house it’s utilised in a real dark, rich feel. A beautiful choice for anyone looking for a unique look in their home.


Like the flooring, ebony wood furniture offers a striking alternative to traditional interior design. The wood’s darkness really draws your eyes straight to it, and it instantly becomes a gorgeous feature in whatever room it’s used. Whether it be a chest of drawers, a table, or some dining chairs, ebony wood is a unique and rich wood to use, really bringing something new and special to your living space.


Since ancient times, people have realised that the density and strength of Ebony Wood makes it ideal to make traditional tools. While metal tools are obviously far more practical these days, ebony tools make for great decorative ornamental pieces, and still have a functional use. For many carpenters, there is no alternative than a real wood plane or tool.


Many African and Indian craft are made using Ebony Wood. It’s strength and beauty means that it is an ideal wood to use in creating lasting ornamental pieces for your house. Whether just buying, or interested in creating your own,Ebony Wood is a great material from which to source your crafts.


Ebony has been used in musical instruments for hundreds of years now, with a better alternative rarely seen. Ebony Wood has so many uses in music including: Black piano and harpsichord keys, violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, double bass, and cello fingerboards, tailpieces, pegs, chin rests, and bow frogs. Many plectra, or guitar picks, are also made from this beautiful wood.

It can therefore be seen that the versatility, unique rich colour, and strength and density of Ebony means that it is the ideal wood to use in a large number of scenarios, making it one of the most widely used and appreciated woods in the world.

Need a dark wood alternative for your next venture? Contact Ebony by Agora, and we’ll source the right Ebony for your project.