Furniture Maintenance Tips From Ebony by Agora

Furniture Maintenance Tips From Ebony by Agora. Ebony by Agora only sells the finest Ebony timber and it’s important that any furniture that is made using Ebony timber is maintained correctly to ensure that the furniture will last a lifetime. Dusting – Regularly dust your Ebony furniture as this removes airborne deposits that can form […]

February 19, 2015 Uncategorized

Ebony Timber Instrument Cleaning tips by Ebony By Agora

Ebony timber supplied by Ebony by Agora is often used to make beautiful instruments like guitars. Oboes and even bagpipes so we thought we would share with you our tips on how to keep these instruments in tip top condition so that the Ebony timber will last a lifetime. Don’t use harsh chemicals – using […]

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