The Future of Ebony

Ebony trees can easily take up to sixty years before they mature and deliver their beautiful black gold. And it is this maturity of the well aged wood that gives ebony its a rare and dense property that is so in demand by collectors and artists all over the world. But unfortunately it is this […]

July 25, 2016 Post Comment News


At the museum the visitor spontaneously caresses the exquisite wooden sculpture; the rich smooth polished surface, like satin to the touch. The wood is Ebony – a most sought-after timber, growing in the rainforests of Asia, Africa and the Amazon region. A very hard wood, lending itself to a fine finish, render ebony ideal for […]

Ireland’s Beech Wood “Door of Thrones”

Ask anyone if they watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and they will continue for hours about it being the best TV show ever. And with many of the episodes being filmed in Ireland, the tourism body, Tourism Ireland, didn’t want to miss the beat. Following New Zealand’s lead after the success of their “Lord of the […]

June 22, 2016 Post Comment News

Ken Ham’s replica of Noah’s Ark

Australians are well known for their wood working skills, and we are home to some of the finest carpenters in the world.   One Australian is hitting the headlines for building the world’s largest timber structure, a 200m replica of Noah’s Ark.   Situated in the heart of Kentucky, USA, is Ken Ham’s masterpiece; a […]

June 17, 2016 Post Comment Media

Top 10 Hard Woods

For some people hard wood is hard enough, but for others, it is all about having the hardest wood. There is a test called the Janka Hardness Test, and it determines the hardness of wood by measuring the resistance of a sample wood to denting and wear. Wikipedia describes the test as: “The Janka hardness […]

May 24, 2016 Post Comment News

A touch of Ebony makes the difference

Ebony is not the kind of wood that is used by everyday carpenters, joiners or cabinet-makers, in fact, it is the kind of wood used by master craftsmen. The rarity and price associated with ebony, and the rich dark colours often scare off most wood workers. You do however still see ebony used in specialist […]

May 11, 2016 Post Comment News

Decorating tips for dark floors

Dark ebony flooring offers a rich and contrasting look, but for many homeowners, it is not an option worth considering. If you are new to owning rich dark wood flooring, then decorating to suit might be daunting for even the most avid home decorator. Ebony or oak flooring can really enhance a room, and with […]

April 26, 2016 Post Comment News

The most expensive piece of furniture

In 2004, the auction house Christie’s placed the world’s most expensive piece of furniture up for auction (again); a piece that was sold in 1990 for a massive US$15.2 to none other than Barbara Piasecka Johnson, from the Johnson & Johnson family. The Badminton Cabinet was commissioned in 1726 by Henry Somerset, third Duke of […]

April 5, 2016 Post Comment News

What comes to mind when you hear the word Ebony?

It’s not surprising that for most people, when they hear the word ‘ebony’, their first thoughts will be of ‘Ebony and Ivory’, the famous song by Sir Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – a classic piece of music, that is both timeless and beautiful. Your home interior can be as timeless as this piece of […]

March 29, 2016 Post Comment Media

Ebony – A brief History

Ebony is a very sought-after wood from various exotic trees of the family Diospyros, growing in the rain forests of Asia, Madagascar and some regions in Africa and the Americas. The oldest trees measured some twenty metres high with a circumference of three metres. Sadly, greed let to reckless harvesting, and the few existing giants […]

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