Ebony Finger Boards For Guitars

Ebony Finger Boards For Guitars Ebony Timber, being one of the hardest timbers grown is ideal for the use in finger boards for guitars. both professionals use Ebony every day and but those keen enough to make their own guitars can source the best range of Ebony available in Brisbane from Ebony By Agora. Ebony […]

Ebony Timber used in Irish Bagpipes

Ebony Timber used in Irish Bagpipes Did you know that Ebony timer is used to make Irish Bagpipes. At Ebony By Agora, Brisbane’s leading Ebony Timber specialists, we can supply you with Ebony timber for you to make Irish Bagpipes. We have one Brisbane customer who already make these bagpipes form Ebony timber supplied by […]

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Ebony Timber Explained

Ebony timber craftsman David Marks gives us a great run through on Ebony Timber. You can purchase Ebony Timber from Agora timbers in Brisbane. Join David to see Ebony in Action1

The State of Ebony Timber

Bob Taylor from Taylor Guitars in the US give a good run down on the State of Ebony Timber in the world today. A threatened species, black Ebony is one of the most sought after timbers in the world. Let bob give you a great overview and he is pretty good on his guitar as […]

Striped Ebony

Striped Ebony is very similar to zebra award and has a striped appearance is reddish to light brown body with black stripes. This particular timber has small pores and a very fine texture sometimes with an interlocking grain although normally the grain is straight. The growth rings are indistinct and mineral deposits can be present. […]

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Where does Ebony timber come from?

Where does Ebony timber come from? That beautiful timber ebony that makes some of the most beautiful instruments in the world is cut from tropical trees found in parts of Asia and Africa it also comes from India and Ceylon. The timber has a distinctly black colour and has been prized since ancient Egypt in […]

Ebony Instruments

The luxury of ebony wood that is so sought after for furniture or doors, translates just as well into instruments, arguably, even more beautifully. The properties that make Ebony by Agora, Brisbane’s specialist ebony timber supplier so passionately pursued, flows through to everything that is made from it. For almost as long ebony has been […]

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Ebony in the Home

Ebony in the Home Ebony is an exclusive lumber that comes with a weighty status, and Ebony by Agora, Brisbane, adds a considerable amount to the scales. There are many reasons such a high status comes with having this wood in your home, the most prominent however, is its striking appearance. While it has properties […]

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Why are people choosing ebony?

Ebony has had an extremely long history of use, stemming all the way back to the ancient Egyptians where it was used in the pyramids of pharos. Timeless style takes on a whole new meaning when you think about the luxury items and décor it has been a part of in just about every century […]

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Geoffrey Hannah

Geoffrey Hannah Geoffrey Hannah is a master wood craftsman and cabinetmaker. Currently, he resides in New South Wales as one of Australia’s top experts actively in the cabinetry field. He has studied his craft in London and Paris, but returned to Australia to work independently on his cabinets and wood products. He has also taught […]

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