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Ebony Finger Boards For Guitars

Ebony Finger Boards For Guitars Ebony Timber, being one of the hardest timbers grown is ideal for the use in finger boards for guitars. both professionals use Ebony every day and but those keen enough to make their own guitars can source the best range of Ebony available in Brisbane from Ebony By Agora. Ebony […]

Ebony Timber used in Irish Bagpipes

Ebony Timber used in Irish Bagpipes Did you know that Ebony timer is used to make Irish Bagpipes. At Ebony By Agora, Brisbane’s leading Ebony Timber specialists, we can supply you with Ebony timber for you to make Irish Bagpipes. We have one Brisbane customer who already make these bagpipes form Ebony timber supplied by […]

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The State of Ebony Timber

Bob Taylor from Taylor Guitars in the US give a good run down on the State of Ebony Timber in the world today. A threatened species, black Ebony is one of the most sought after timbers in the world. Let bob give you a great overview and he is pretty good on his guitar as […]