What our customers say

HNT Gordon Planes


Terry Gordon

“I first started using ebony supplied by Theo Catsoulis at Agora Timbers back in 1998. I have used it in wooden plane making ever since that time and would have made close to 1000 Ebony planes without a problem. At HNT Gordon, we kiln dry the ebony without any issues and once dry, this wood is extremely stable (very small movement in service) to the point where you can glue brass to the ebony and this presents no issues even with changes in climatic conditions. Tools made from this ebony sell very well as it has a natural beauty with amazing patterns which is hard to beat. I would rate this ebony with the best woods in the world for making planes and would recomend it for any high end use where stability is of paramount importance, such as musical instrument making, tool making and furniture making.
Theo has a very good understanding of how dry the batches of ebony that he has in stock are and he will will honestly advise you on this important point. Some of the older ebony Theo has, that is up to 3″ thick, and I would consider completely air dry and you would only need to condition further for your particular task. Theo also has a desire to see his ebony used by craftsmen who make high end pieces and this makes the process of buying ebony from Theo a very enjoyable part of the whole process.”

Geoffrey Hannah

Furniture Maker

Churchill Fellow

I have used Ebony bought from Agora Timbers in my last major work “The Hannah Cabinet”. The Cabinet took 6 and a half years to complete. I was searching for Ebony, for the six top columns, which had to be out of one piece to obtain the consistency of grain and colour required. The solid 12″ x 4″ piece had been air seasoned for over 10 years and has remained stable. Agora were able to supply exactly what I required and I was more than happy with the personalised service I received prior to placing the order. I would use this precious timber, from Agora again in future projects.

Smith & Gray

Furniture Makers

Mark Smith & Dave Gray

We have made full Ebony acoustic guitars ,entry doors, feature bed panels, dining tables & chairs as well as many other items using solid Ebony that was sourced from Agora timbers.The timber has been well air seasoned over many years , which is particularly important for musical end use. The timber is a beautiful blend of tan brown background to medium brown to jet black in colour. There is a huge variety of grain, from straight grain to random wavy grain making this Ebony timber unique. While being a heavy dense and hard timber it works well and is easy enough to cut , plane & we have been able to achieve exceptionally smooth surface finishes due to the fine grain. Some of the solid Ebony dining tables & chairs were made 10 – 15 years & are still in near new condition. In our experience the timber is very stable even when placed in air-conditioned environments.